The Growing Hands™ Doctor

She began her journey to healthy hair while battling the damaging effects of her own sudden hair loss. “Out of nowhere I was hit with the surprise of large clumps of hair coming out and I remember feeling completely alone.”  After numerous years of formulating treatments and testing her most effective healing remedies on her scalp - she was able to completely recover from increased hair shedding known as telogen effluvium.  From that natural healing, grew a passion for helping others, and the Growing Hands™ Method to actively stimulate hair growth at the dermis level in all hair textures and hair types was created.  

Trichologist TK

"I have the privilege of changing how people view themselves by feeling awesome within," Takiyah “TK” Franklin is an esteemed board-certified Trichologist and Hair Loss Practitioner certified by the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA), who has devoted her practice to her ability to achieve remarkable, unmatched hair growth results non-surgically.  Her best-in-class experiences make her the go-to expert, educator, and Practitioner on scalp health and hair issues. The tri-state area of Chicago, Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Indiana, can visit TK’s trichology office in Schaumburg, IL. Virtual appointments are now available and carry the same legendary customer service.  Visit Concierge Self-Care service for the most tailored-made option. 

Schedule A Consultation

I unblock opportunities to heal restore, and rebuild your hair while rejuvenating you. Come with hair loss and  leave with hair wins. 

Allow me to address any challenges, hinderances, questions, and/or aspirations appearing in your hair or scalp. And I will curate a specific action-plan for completely taking your growth to the next level.  

By the time we finish, you will have gained a new approach and pathway to full revitalization. You will emerge refreshed, with a restored commitment to unlocking the greatness within your growth!