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Anagen Shampoo®

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Professional Strength Formula - DHT Blocking System

Natural & Organic - For All Hair Types


Accelerate your way to thicker, fuller hair by unlocking the secret with Growing Strands Anagen Shampoo. Reduce hair thinning and breakage for longer, thicker strands from the roots up. 

Clinically tested and Trichologist approved. 4oz

Utilize an All-Growing Strands Advanced Hair Therapy Collection for best premium results.

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Growing Strands With Growing Hands®


  • DHT Blocking Agents
  • Premium Sourced Natural Products
  • Holistic and Multi-Therapeutic
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Clinically Tested
  • Trichologist Approved
  • Safe for Black Hair
  • Non-surgical , No-Rx, Hair Replacement
  • 100% All Natural Clinical Formula
  • Treat Alopecia
  • Reverse Hair Loss
  • Restore Scalp and Skin Conditions
  • Repair Ageing Hair
  • Reverse Shedding
  • Reduce Breakage
  • Promote Regrow Hair
  • Improve Appearance
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Restore Confidence
  • Confidential Consultations
  • Online Services
  • + MORE


Growing Strands Advanced Hair Therapy Collections provide sustainably sourced products uniquely chosen for its one-of-a-kind advantage to skin and hair. Made fresh for those who take luxury in their beauty routine to the next level.

✦ Made with the most potent natural ingredients

✦ Eco-friendly production methods

✦ Carefully picked at peak season

✦ No animal testing

✦ No GMO, No Parabens

✦ 100% Non-toxic

Extra Added Benefits

Why Choose Us

"I am inspired by your growth!"

Our revolutionary non-surgical, non-prescription solution to thinning aging hair was developed with TK’s understanding and respect for the complex nature of hair cells and their ability to communicate with growth factors.  We only offer the most advanced, premium quality, holistic, multi-therapeutic, FDA cleared, and clinically verified hair restorative serves all in one location.

Specializing In Total Growth Recovery and Support

Because A Healthy Head of Hair = A Happy You!

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Mini Book

Care care mini books are included with every purchase that highlight the Growing Hands Method.

Growing Strands Advanced Hair Therapy Superior Effectiveness is Easy as 1-2-3
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